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Price Increases due to cPanel Provider Licence Increase

Hi As emailed to all clients and announcement placed on our website and your client area :  https://my.hostking.co.za/announcements/52/cPanel-Price-Increase-and-Migration.html We and many other web hosting providers are forced to increase pricing. We have hence finalized our pricing and we are now updating our website and packages with the ... Devamını Oku

23rd Temmuz 2019

cPanel Price Increase and Migration

Web Hosting Providers around the globe have received a notification from cPanel the control panel provider that they will be increasing their pricing substantially and not provide unlimited accounts per licence either but charged per account going forward. This news unfortunately means many smaller hosts will be forced to close business or ... Devamını Oku

15inci Temmuz 2019

New Web Hosting Packages Launched

To be competitive in web hosting industry we have decided to adjust our Package Offerings in certain areas.  Today we have launched our cPanel Hosting plans which as per our Web Hosting page shows the new available packages. For our existing clients this does not affect your current package limits or pricing in any way. You however may choose ... Devamını Oku

17inci Ocak 2019

Payfast Feedback

Payfast has been working on fixing the issues with the module and have informed us that they have resolved issues creating duplicate payments. We have hence decided to add it a secondary payment incase some customers prefer this method of payment.

We hope this satisfies customers that prefer this method.

23rd Aralık 2018

Payfast Duplicate Payments and Removal

Dear Clients, Due to receiving many complaints regarding Payfast Payment Gateway creating duplicates and being in contact with them and this issue not being resolved. We have decided to discontinue the use of Payfast entirely. We have alternative payment methods which are newer and better: SagePay - Credit Card and EFT SagePay  - Debit Order ... Devamını Oku

7inci Kasım 2018

Price Increases coming 1st November 2018

Hostking has always strived to be affordable and provide stability at the same time. Unfortunately for the rising demand of SSD web hosting to provide better performance we decided to roll out SSD servers throughout our environment including our VPS infrastructure. This has forced us to increase prices to the below: The following will be ... Devamını Oku

20inci Ekim 2018

Debit Orders and Pro-rata for New Orders

Dear Clients, As we grow and evolve as a business we have to change. Now at times we may not change fast enough as everything "just works" however we feel as we will be launching many new services soon we have now implemented a change. We have firstly due to many complaints incorporated a debit order system with SagePay which we have automated ... Devamını Oku

18inci Sep 2018

Your Privacy Matters

Dear Valued Customer! By now, you have probably received many emails just like this one relating to the GDRP EU Policy launched on 25th, so we will try to keep it short. New regulations protect the fundamental rights to privacy, data control, and transparency for European citizens. Although the GDPR is targeting the processing of data of European ... Devamını Oku

26inci Mayıs ayı 2018

VAT rate increase from 14% to 15% effective on services from 1 April 2018

VAT rate increase from 14% to 15% effective on services from 1 April 2018.On 21 February 2018 the Minister of Finance announced an increase in the Value Added Tax rate from 14% to 15%, effective on the supply of goods and services from 1 April 2018. All our suppliers have hence increased and notified us of an increase to 15%.Following this ... Devamını Oku

24inci Mar 2018

Price Increases Coming December 2017

At Hostking we are committed to remaining competitive in both our prices and product ranges.While we have postponed action for as long as possible, changes following the increases with some of our suppliers have forced us to re-evaluate our pricing.The current state of hardware costs have impacted many IT businesses across the ZA and in ... Devamını Oku

27inci Ekim 2017