Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dear Valued Customer!

By now, you have probably received many emails just like this one relating to the GDRP EU Policy launched on 25th, so we will try to keep it short.

New regulations protect the fundamental rights to privacy, data control, and transparency for European citizens.

Although the GDPR is targeting the processing of data of European Economic Area (“EEA”) citizens only and not South Africa, we are extending our privacy protections as we have quite a number of european customers aswell.

Hence, we are updating our Privacy Policy to let you know what personal data we collect, for what purposes, and how you can control the information that you share with us.

You should read our Privacy Policy in full, but here are the key updates we have made to become GDPR compliant:

1. We made the policy transparent about what information we collect and how we use it.
2. We enlisted support tools, which we are using to provide the support service. We made sure that the tools only process data in accordance to GDPR.
3. We reorganized support processes to ensure
a. we use our customers' personal data for communication purposes only when they request us to address a question relating to our service offerings.
b. we only connect to customer’s servers if we have our customer’s express permission and are covered by a comprehensive data protection policy (Within our Terms of Service).

The new privacy policy goes into effect on May 25, 2018. If you have an objection to any point in our privacy policy and terms of use, let us know by sending us a data removal request to management[@]

Thank you for trusting Hostking. We are proud to provide the best support services we can to our customers and partners.

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