Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Dear Customers

The web hosting industry has seen a shift in pricing structures from various providers.

At the beginning of the year, cPanel increased their prices which placed an amount of strain on various web hosting companies within South Africa including Hostking. Their drastic increase of 75% forced us to adjust our current pricing structures. Not only have we been notified of cPanel’s increase but we have received the news that Plesk & Microsoft’s SPLA Licensing prices was considerably raised as well. As the ripples of the soaring increases were felt & filtered through various web hosting companies, our Data Centre has also informed us of cabinet cost changes, followed by ZACR notifying us on their increase of R10 per ZA domain extension (Excl. VAT). It was just a matter of time before the leading web hosting management & billing software, WHMCS, took the market by surprise with a substantial increase in their pricing structure as well. We are aware of the fact that many web hosting companies had increased their prices earlier during the year.

At Hostking, we try to stretch our clients’ value for money as far as possible & have not opted for any price increase in the past few months. Unfortunately, the rug has been pulled from beneath leaving us with no room but to adjust our current pricing structures as well.

The pricing adjustment will affect ALL of our Domains, Shared and Reseller packages including any past promotions, or specials that may have ran and a few of the older promotional services that may be deprecated going forward.

For more detailed information regarding each individual product’s price increase, please refer to your relevant product’s pricing on our website,

When will the Hostking price increase come into effect?

We have looked into various solutions to cut down on costs that have been implemented but it’s near to impossible to achieve sustainability. We place our best interests in the hearts & pockets of our clients by providing exceptional services at low costs. In order to keep providing our highly valuable services, we had to follow suit & adjust our current structures that will come into effect on the 1st May 2021 (01.05.2021).

We’d like to thank you for your continuous support through out these hurdles. We’ll strive to raise the bar by going the extra mile for each & every one of our clients since this forms part of our core beliefs.


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