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This tutorial will teach you how to specify what media can be uploaded in Joomla. You will need to be logged in, and and at your admin panel. In order to specify wha types of media can be uploaded to your site, you will need to set the allowed file extensions.

Begin by clicking on Site on the top menu. Select and click on Global Configuration from the drop-down menu. When the Global Configuration window opens, go to the System settings tab. Scroll down. You will see a box called Media Settings. The first item in the box is Legal Extensions (File Types). Next to Legal Extensions, enter the file types you want to allow and separate each with a comma. You can also change the maximum file size, and the paths to the media and image folders here. If you would like to allow any users to be able to upload files, click the No radio button next to Restrict Uploads. Scroll up and click on the Save icon in the upper right corner. The window will show a verification that your changes have been updated and saved.

This ends this tutorial. You now know how to set the specifications for what media file extensions can be uploaded in Joomla.

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