How to Transfer Domain, Websites from current hosting to HostKing

This answer explains how you can transfer an existing domain name so that it can be used in your reseller account.

This article applies to Reseller Packages.
Domain Name Transfers
If you already have a domain name registered or you prefer to register your domains with a third party, you can transfer these domain names onto your hostking account.

To transfer any domain name, unless the domain name is the one specified when opening your account, you must first set the domain name up on our system via the Add Domain page or Park Domain Page of your control panel.

Your account is now configured ready for your new domain name. Completing the transfer is a straightforward process but varies depending on the extension of the domain name.

COZA Domain Names (
1. To transfer a domain you must contact the current hosting company, and request that they amend the record for your domain name as follows.
2. Recommended: Submit a request via our Transfer Request Form on our website and point it to your Reseller's NS Records.

This will submit a request to Uniforum and request that the domain be pointed to a HostKing Server.

This may take 4 - 48 hours to complete.

Note: Website files, Database or emails do not come with the domain when transferred.

Default Reseller NS Records (Windows/Websitepanel):
Primary Nameserver
Secondary Nameserver

Default Reseller NS Records (Linux/Cpanel):
Primary Nameserver
Secondary Nameserver

You will be able to manage and renew the domain name via your control panel.
However the propagation of the name server changes and the domain thus being hosted on our network may take up to 48 hours.

Website, Database, Email Transfers

This task may be cumbersome if you have alot of domains at a current host. But the benefit of stability and security after this is completed surely outweighs the work entailed in this process.

1. First login into your current hosts Control Panel.
2. Compress all files in the www, httpdocs, public_html or wwwroot,etc. folder
3. Download this file to your desktop and upload it using FTP or File Manager in your control panel and uncompress the contents in the new root location.
4. Download a backup of your Database aswell using tools like PHPMyAdmin, etc.
5. Re-imported this data once downloaded to your PC onto the new host doing the reverse.
6. Emails are a bit harder. You may need to use IMAP an identical account on the new hosting control panel and drag n drop the email using a Mail Client like Thunderbird after setting up both email accounts on the Mail Client.
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