What Is Disk space

Disk space

Disk space is a common term used in the web hosting industry and refers to the amount of space on the server hard drive.

Amount of disk space required

All data / content on a website is stored in disk space, including:

Web-based email
Traffic logs

Web hosting clients need to know the amount of disk space that they require for these reasons:

To know the minimum amount of disk space for the web hosting plan they choose
To be able to plan for future needs, i.e., choose a web host with plans that they can upgrade to
To plan their web hosting budget
Generally, hosting providers offer different hosting packages on varied platforms, so disk space that comes with them differs in scope. For example, for a shared hosting plan, the server will be shared to suit a pre-determined hosting option type. However, many web hosts offer customized hosting plans.

Cheaper disk space

Studies show that most websites average as little as 40-50KB per page. Many small website owners opt for small amounts of disk storage space. For websites with more databases, multimedia, and other content, more disk space may be required.

Some people expect that with more technological advancements, disk space will become even cheaper. However, website owners still need to understand disk space usage, procurement, advancement, and upgrading needs.
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