Restoring a Akeeba JPA file on our servers

Note: Before proceeding ensure your website folder or has not got any joomla files in it already.

Upload the JPA file to public_html folder.

Now download kickstart restore program from :

Upload it to public_html folder aswell and extract it there.

Once done create a empty database in cpanel using the MySQL Database feature and create a Database User aswell and ensure you assign the user to the database.

Once done load your site like:


It will now load the site and start the Akeeba Kickstart Restore application.

Select the JPA backup file you uploaded.

Fill in the FTP details and select the public_html folder from the folder path list using browse button.

Click start in top right corner and continue. It should start extracting the backup.

When done it will request the database information your created earlier. If it fails and give errors ensure you got the DB name and DB username right and the password is correct.

Click continue and confirm and the DB should be restored.

All should be done and it should not ask you to delete the Installation directory. Do so.

Thats it. Your site should be fully installed.
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