Is Shared Hosting enough for your website? Or Should You move to something Higher?

Most blogs and small business websites run on shared hosting plans. While shared hosting is economical compared to VPS or dedicated hosting, and a great place to start, some webmasters find that they outgrow the resources provided under these plans as their businesses grow.

Consider a situation where a blog post on your site goes viral. Can your current hosting plan sustain the increased traffic without compromising your on-site experience? Certainly, shared hosting offers some great features at a reduced cost. But as your business grows, your hosting needs may change as well.

For example if you site is slower than normal - requiring more CPU or Memory resources that are allocated to shared hosting plans then you would need to upgrade to VPS Plans.

We offer many different options from Linux to Windows VPS Servers.
Note Windows VPS servers are all unmanaged.
For Linux we offer both managed and unmanaged versions:

Managed cPanel VPS Hosting:
Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting:
Unmanaged Windows VPS Hosting:

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