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You've successfully installed Wordpress for your domain or subdomain, and want to login to the wp-admin page so you can start working on your site, but you get the following error message:

     404 Not Found | Please forward this error screen to's WebMaster | The server cannot find the requested page: (port 80)

If you're relatively tech-savvy, you may have tried, which has taken you to your login page. However, after entering your credentials you are redirected to the same error screen.
Luckily, this issue is relatively easy to resolve.

1. Login to your FTP and go to /public_html/wp-admin
2. Right-click on the wp-admin folder and select File Attributes
3. Change the Numeric Value to 755 and check the Recurse into Subdirectories box

4. Click OK.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for wp-content and wp-includes as well.
6. Clear your browser cach and re-attempt logging into your WordPress admin panel ( You will now be able to log in.

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