After upgrading Plesk/Mailenable - Webmail does not allow downloads of attachments

"This feature (download attachment) is only available to licensed installations of MailEnable. The license key is either missing or invalid." 

You may recieve the above error when attempting to download attachments using Webmail after a full upgrade or plesk upgrade to new version.

We found doing the following seems to fix the issue:

1. Stop all the MailEnable services and exit the administration console.
2. Navigate to the MailEnable installation path and rename or delete the "BIN" folder.
3. Open up Windows "regedit" and delete the MailEnable "registration" branch.
4. Download the latest version of MailEnable standard and install.
5. Removed RAW: from the install key in regedit in registration branch
6. Restarted Mailenable Services and IIS Server services

Alternatively reboot server and retry



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