Why am I getting a BitNinja message when I try to access my website?

BitNinja is one of the security solutions we have active on Hostking platform. It detects IP addresses with suspicious behavior, for example, if the visitor is accessing the same web page in short intervals, fills in an incorrect password multiple times and etc. BitNinja marks such behavior potentially dangerous for Your website. Bitninja then puts the IP address of the visitor to a greylist and the he then needs to verify himself/herself by filling in a Captcha. If the Captcha is solved correctly the IP is removed from the greylist automatically.

This security feature is globally active on all of our servers and it cannot be disabled. Without this feature, your website's security as well is availability is in very high risk.

If you happen to see a Captcha provided by BitNinja, do not hesitate to solve it and it will delist your IP so you will be able to proceed to your website. There are various reasons why your IP address has been marked as malicious, the most common of them are: 

- Your internet provider assigned an IP address which was previously used for abuse and either greylisted or blocked completely.
- Your PC may be infected by malware and Your IP is being used in attacks against other servers.

You can check out some more information on BitNinja and how it works by going to https://bitninja.io/.

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