How do I upload files large or small to my VPS server?

  • 25/02/2018 11:14

We don't do posting and going to data centre anymore to upload files.

Also uploading via any of the Internet Methods is affordable in todays time.

We highly recommend FileZilla for this as it is the easiest to use.

First download FileZilla from the internet at the following link:

Once Downloaded and installed open up the program.

Now if you have a cPanel VPS server you can use the cpanel username and password of the cpanel account you want to upload files for.

So for the here is a sample below to help:

Host: Fill in the IP address or domain name. For example
Username: Fill in your cpanel username
Password: Fill in your cPanel Password

Port usually you can leave blank or if you want fill in port 21.

Create a folder or browse to a folder you want to upload to.
Upload your files and leave it.

Thats it!



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