ZACR database maintenance (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting System - COZA
  • In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
    Jul 2108:28 SAST
    Scheduled - Kindly note that ZACR will be performing a system wide database upgrade on Wednesday, 21 July from 07h00 - 09h00 SAST, in an effort to provide enhanced database responses and performance results in the future.

    This will result in extended outages to the EPP registration services. This means that processing creates, updates, transfers and other domain operations will not be available for the following zones:,,,, .capetown, .durban and .joburg. Please note that the Whois/RDAP and DNS registry services will remain unaffected. During this maintenance window the ZACR Portal will be offline and the legacy email based registration service will also experience delays

  • Date - 21/07/2021 07:01
  • Last Updated - 21/07/2021 07:06

Server Status

Below is a real-time overview of our servers where you can check if there's any known issues.

Server Name STATUS
[ZA] cp-1 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-10 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-11 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-12 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-13 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-14 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-2 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-3 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-4 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-5 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-6 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-7/ cPanel
[ZA] cp-8 / cPanel
[ZA] cp-9 / cPanel
[ZA] pl-1 / Plesk
[ZA] pl-2/ Plesk
[ZA] pl-3 / Plesk
[ZA] pl-4/ Plesk